scamEvery business and individual needs to have protection from fraud and scams. It is important to realize that it has been estimated by the United States government that out of 10,000 bills that one is a counterfeit bill. Having the correct counterfeit detector is a great way to make sure you as an individual and your business are protecting all of your assets.

First, you need to know what type of counterfeit detector to purchase since there are several sizes, several prices from $30.00 to over $200.00 and each one has certain programs instilled within each one. Some are large and sit on top of a desk, while others are small and can be carried around, and fit every budget.

Before purchasing your counterfeit detector, ask yourself four short questions. First, ask yourself what type of payments does your business take? Do you have a business that accepts only cash and keep very little cash in the cash drawer. Is your business large enough to process a variety of checks, credit cards and other types of monetary statements? Does your business have only one or two checkout lanes that are easy to keep tabs on, or are there so many checkout lanes that there are security guards at several points in the store and counterfeit detectors in several areas to check every transaction. What if your business sells items such as cigarettes, alcohol, or tobacco that needs to be controlled? Not only does your business need to make sure the form of payment is true and honest, but drivers licenses need to portray a proper picture and age of the person making the purchase.

Onedolar2009seriesPeople who attempt to use counterfeit are finding new ways all the time in which to deceive individuals and businesses, which is why individuals and businesses need to be asking very hard questions, take a good look at their financial situation, and decide which counterfeit detector is the right one for full protection.

When making a determination about the correct counterfeit detector checks to see what each one is capable of doing. Some only check cash when a bill is put into the counterfeit detector and turned on, the machine will register whether it is a real bill or a fake bill. With any business, it is important that the counterfeit detector device work quickly, especially if there are long lines of customers to be waited on. The Royal Sovereign RCD=2120 Quick Scan is one of the fastest and easiest counterfeit detector for any business or individual to purchase. This particular device has infrared, magnetic and image tests to use when checking all the money coming through your business. This counterfeit detector is easy to use, place a bill inside the machine, watch the bill goes through and a red or green light will come on to indicate if the bill is fake or real.